Wiśniowski garage doors

Sectional doors are the most comfortable solution for a garage:

  • leaf made of 40mm steel panels filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam
    construction made of galvanized steel elements
  • the sash moves along the ceiling vertical and horizontal guides
  • the gate is sealed all around
    a gasket adhering to the ground is installed in the bottom panel
  • the seal between the upper panel and the lintel is provided by a seal mounted to the upper panel or fixed to the lintel
  • the panels have a shape protection that prevents fingers from getting trapped and seals at the contact point of the two panels
  • available in manual and automatic version
    torsion springs with breakage protection
    rope break protection

Sectional doors

The door curtain is wound on a winding shaft hidden in a box, which can save space:

  • the curtain is made of aluminum profiles filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam.
  • the bottom extreme profile is fitted with a rubber chamber seal adhering to the ground.
  • the curtain moves along the aluminum vertical guides and winds on the winding shaft.
  • Aluminum guides mounted along the side edges of the hole.
    guides equipped with brush seals.
    standard drive

The door curtain

Simple design and simple and proven mechanical solutions guarantee reliable gate operation:

  • leaf made of galvanized steel sheet – trapezoid T-10 – with vertical.
  • horizontal and oblique filling system, or of perforated galvanized steel sheet.
  • frame elements are joined together with bolted connections.
    leaf profiles joined with special accessories.
  • spring system supporting the raising and lowering of the gate leaf.
    springs secured in sleeves

Up-and-over gates

Suspended sliding gates

They are produced in a wide range of sizes and belong to the most economical solutions.
If it is necessary to illuminate the interior closed with a suspended sliding door, it is possible to use double-glazed acrylic windows. The horizontal or vertical glazing will allow the door to be adapted to the appearance of the object.

Suspended sliding gates

The new generation of the WIŚNIOWSKI sectional door presents extraordinary quality based on a set of unique technical solutions. To create a unique product, we had to reach for the base of building a sectional door, i.e. … a panel.

When designing the unique PRIME solution, we went to the heart of building a sectional door. The idea was to achieve the best insulation parameters, to achieve an outstanding aesthetic effect inside the garage and to provide exceptional safety when using the door.

This is how the INNOVO panel, unique on a global scale, was created. Its closed construction, 5-layer bending of the metal sheet at the hinge fastening point, ensure a strong structure, and the filling with warm foam with a thickness of 60 mm and special sealing and shielding systems translate into excellent thermal insulation parameters of the door.


The UniTherm door meets stringent standards in terms of wind resistance, water penetration and air permeability. The coefficients of these parameters affect not only the extension of the gate’s life, but also the preservation of its aesthetic values for years. *

The UniTherm gate was created in response to the needs of energy-efficient construction. It fully uses the thermal properties of the 60 mm INNOVO panel and the sealing systems used in it. This is more energy saved in the home, because heat losses have been eliminated in the most critical areas of the door shell. The heat transfer coefficient of the panel is 0.33 W / m2K, which translates into excellent thermal insulation of the entire door.


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