Aluron System

Without thermal insulation

ACS 38
Acoustic partition walls

The ACS 38 system is a modern construction of acoustic, non-thermally insulated walls, boxes and display cases, designed for making slender, aluminum wall constructions and internal partitions, with high utility and aesthetic properties. The system allows the use of various door constructions using the narrowest SLIM frames.


Maximum light for glass doors – only 6 mm in the visible frame
Slim design – 38 mm wide posts
Integration with blinds controlled manually or automatically
III strength class
IV exploitation class
Can be used in class A office buildings
Integration with ACS 50 aluminum doors

ACS 50
Window and door system for interior installation

The ACS 50 system is intended for the production of single- and double-leaf showcases, windows and doors, also in the smoke-tight option. The system has partitions with posts and without posts, including the option of central glazing. The ACS 50 system has frames for mounting all-glass sashes. It is characterized by high acoustic and durability properties of the created building.


Various variants of the posts
Freedom of angular connections

Systems with thermal insulation

AS 75
Innovative window and door system

Three-chamber System AS 75 designed for the production of thermally insulated window and door constructions using the innovative ANTI-BI-METAL technology, which prevents deformation of the door leaves when heated by sunlight, as well as at very low temperatures. The system meets the requirements of all current and future thermal insulation standards.

The thermal parameters of the structure meet the requirements until 2021
Adapted to cooperate with intelligent buildings
Integration with other Aluron systems
Aluminum drainage caps
Arch constructions, including welded ones

AS 52
Window and door system for external development

Designed in the concept of downsizing, the AS 52 system provides the required parameters with full optimization of the structure. The thermally insulating System AS 52 is designed for making light, aluminum constructions with high utility properties of created external building.

The door leaf is flush with the frame
Aluminum drainage caps
Self-cleaning glazing space
The door can be fitted with rebate and surface hinges
Arch constructions, including welded ones

AS 75P
Panel doors

The AS 75P system is an aluminum structure of panel doors made of 3-chamber profiles with very good insulation and technical parameters. The system is intended for the prefabrication of thermo-insulated doors with a panel glued over the entire surface of the sash. Looks great in intelligent, modern as well as classic buildings. Panel doors in the AS 75P system are designed for individual and display cabinets. Solid construction, aluminum durability and rich design guarantee many years of durability and aesthetics.

Aesthetics, strength and functionality of aluminum
The possibility of individual projects and panel designs – milling shapes and holes
The panel in the following versions: opaque, with translucent elements and all-glass
One-sided and double-sided panel
Multi-point locks
Profiles made based on ANTI-BI-METAL technology
Central seal in the door
Frame / leaf depth 75 mm
Rich colors
Single and double leaf doors with side and top lighting
The door can be opened inwards and outwards

Window system with a hidden sash

The AS 80US system (hidden sash) is designed for single and multi-flood windows, in which the desired aesthetic effect is to obtain an invisible view of the window sash from the outside of the building. All adjacent fixed and opening windows mean that the view of all accommodation units is the same. The AS 80US system is compatible with all Aluron aluminum systems.

The thermal parameters of the structure meet the requirements until 2021
3 thermal variants
Concealed wing seal
Arch constructions, including welded ones
Aluminum drainage caps
Adapted to cooperate with intelligent buildings
Integration with other Aluron systems

We are able to produce more models

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