Gerda door


The front door to the house from the NTT REVO product line combines an extremely solid metal internal structure that provides excellent insulation. In this series you can find traditional Elite 3D doors for people who value classic solutions. They look great both in a tenement house and in a single-family house. Door variants Air Glass, Quadro and Tempo are modern designs that will highlight the prestige of the premises in new buildings.

Within the NTT REVO door group, we distinguish four design lines:

AIR GLASS – with a characteristic windscreen commonly known as a car windscreen,
QUADRO – with numerous glazing and a 3D strip,
TEMPO – classic doors referring to the best GERDA designs,
ELITE 3D – elegant design.






With the highest comfort of our clients in mind, we create a home entrance door that provides the best protection against adverse weather conditions. Thanks to the use of modern technologies as well as steel-wooden and aluminum frames, GERDA external doors have very good thermal insulation parameters.

The Tempo, Classic, TT Optima Duo 60 and Duo 60 models feature discrete glass panels that add lightness to the design. The doors are available in various design series, a choice of glazing type and color version. Choose the TT Optima external entrance door for your home.




Panel doors

How to choose a good exterior door for a single-family home? In single-family housing, the parameters of external entrance doors differ from those of flats. The construction must be particularly solid due to the exposure of the door to various weather conditions throughout the year. In addition, the entrance door to the house is a key element of theft protection. This is why the reinforced steel body with box construction works so well here. This is one of the most diverse series of home exterior doors. Five different models, and each with several possible colors of door coating or fittings, give dozens of variants that will make your home unique

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