AF 50
Single-profile facade in pole-pole technology

The AF 50 façade system in pole-pole technology gives wide possibilities of shaping the building development and is used in modern buildings. The system uses solutions that guarantee high insulation parameters, tightness and material optimization.

A wide range of angle connections, including a tight roof transition
Facing mullion and transom gasket – from the inside
3 degrees of dehydration
Internally flush pole with a bolt
Excellent material optimization due to single profile
Available lintel and window sill strips with fire resistance EI 30 and EI 60
The gutter is mounted on one bolt with a set of accessories
Different variants of external slats
Version EI60 available

AF 50W

Hinged and parallel windows

The AF 50W system is designed for the construction of structural glazed windows that open to the outside in two variants: hinged and parallel. Thanks to their design, the AF 50W windows look like fixed quarters. They do not stand out on the facade of the building, while providing the opportunity to open quarters or airing the room.

Facade windows AF 50W

These windows are designed for installation in the facade made in the AF 50 or AF 50S system and can only co-exist with these systems.
Thanks to structural glazing, there is no need to use any profiles on the outside of the window, which means that the AF 50W window inserted into the facade does not stand out significantly from neighboring permanent quarters

AF 50R

Roof windows and skylights

AF 50R is a modern window system for installation in a roof slope made in the facade system AF 50 or AF 50S. In addition to performing an illuminating function, they allow for adequate ventilation and ventilation of the room. They are an aesthetic roof window with the function of a ventilation flap with very good tightness provided by the proprietary solution of the overlay glazing system.

AF 50R roof windows:

AF 50R is based on the facade systems AF 50 and AF 50S, a roof window solution that meets the increasingly high utility and thermal requirements, which must also be ensured by modern roof constructions. Providing the right amount of sunlight and room ventilation are the basic functions of windows. The use of three-chamber construction with the possibility of implementing insulation inserts affects the provision of excellent thermal insulation. The tightness was achieved thanks to the proprietary overlay innovative glazing solution and a central gasket was used

AF 50S

Silicone facade variant AF 50

The AF 50S facade system is a system characterized by high aesthetics and light construction. Its modern design is perfect for office buildings, emphasizing their attractiveness and class. The system allows the use of multi-pane packages with a slim 20 mm silicone joint. The applied solutions affect the achievement of high thermal parameters adapted to changing weather conditions.

Three ways to hold the glass
Point holding by embedded fasteners
Holding the frame stuck
Holding the inner glass
The possibility of making a vertical or horizontal line

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